Sport Injury Management

Saffron Walden, Essex

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Sports massage is an important component of any fitness or training programme and should be included in the life of any sports or active person, whether injured or not.  Massage has a lot of benefits; physical, physiological and psychological.

Massage helps maintain the body's soft tissue; muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs etc, in optimum condition.  It prevents injuries and loss of mobility to injured tissue.  This enhances performance and longevity with the sporting career.

Physical Benefits

The actions of massage will improve circulation; effectively sucking the fluid through the blood and lymph vessels.  This is vitally important in tight or damaged soft tissue as these can clench off blood supply, depriving the area of vital nutrients and oxygen needed for repair.

By increasing permeability, a deep massage helps remove waste products and encourage efficient uptake of nutrients and oxygen.

Massage stretches any soft tissue that cannot be stretched via the usual methods.  Not only does sports massage stretch the muscle fibres but it will also stretch the surrounding fascia, releasing tension and the build up of pressure.  This will also improve elasticity of the soft tissues.

Breaking down scar tissue from previous trauma will improve flexibility and go a long way to preventing soreness and re-injury.

Physiological Benefits 

Massage helps to reduce pain by removing tension and waste products as well as releasing natural endorphins in the body.

Receptors in the body are stimulated causing reflex relaxation.

Psychological Benefits

Through the correct use of the many different techniques, massage can be extremely relaxing; markedly reducing anxiety.  However, other techniques can be hugely invigorating; beneficial pre-match or prior to any event or activity.

                  Sports massage is beneficial before, during and after athletic events.

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