Sport Injury Management

Saffron Walden, Essex

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"Although Liz mainly uses biomechanical profiling from an injury management viewpoint, since training as an ABSAT (Advanced Biomechanics, Speed and Accuracy Training) coach in 2008 with Mavericks Cricket Institute, I have observed her analyse pace bowlers with instinctive skill.

She is able to identify issues with the key indicators from straight lines through to the four tent pegs and three knee lift; correcting them effortlessly with the ABSAT method, using various learning levels and preferences."

Ian Pont

Head Coach at Dhaka Gladiators, BPL

Head Coach at Mavericks Cricket Institute (MCI)

"Liz made an invaluable contribution to our junior Summer Camp, not only within the SAQ sessions she ran, but also with her insight into how individual players moved throughout the day.  As one of my fellow coaches commented, ‘she is like a human x-ray machine’ in her ability to observe how we all move which, combined with a real desire to see everyone make the most of their abilities, makes Liz truly unique.


Liz has also treated a number of our players both in rehabilitation and prehabilitation phases to great effect."

Tony Mowles

Youth Co-ordinator, Stow Cricket Club, Norfolk

"Liz Ward has been an excellent contributor to PitchVision Academy over the years.  Her ideas and methods bridge the gap between the needs of the cricket coach to have technically excellent, high performing players and the awareness that nobody can perform if they are injured.  We have no hesitation in recommending Liz to all cricket players and coaches."

David Hinchliffe

Director of Coaching, PitchVision Academy

"As an enthusiastic but undisciplined runner, over the years I have sought on-going attention for a range of sports related injuries from a variety of sports injury practitioners.  This approach has got me by, but with advancing years (I'm just a whisker away from my 70th birthday) and a need to keep on tackling 10 and 20 Km events, I have turned to Liz for help and support.  In particular, a foot problem, which turned out to be plantar faciitis, was particularly painful and reluctant to improve.  Liz totally resolved the condition and, more importantly, gave me techniques and exercises to lessen the risk of a re-occurrence.  Who says you're never too old to learn!"

Alan Johnson JP

"Twice this year Liz has turned what I thought were "career"-ending injuries into things which could be managed and played on while they healed. I think in either case most professionals' advice would have been "stop until you can't remember which leg it was, and then take it very carefully".

My two sessions with Liz were excruciating, but each time it was clear that what she was doing was helping, and both times the soreness afterwards went away on the predicted schedule and took the injury with it. Both times I'd packed my kit away thinking "that's the end of your season", and both times I was back playing a week afterwards.

Liz's good humour and explanations of what she's doing and why really help too. She only got me to swear twice, and I managed to avoid crying and begging for mercy almost entirely.

In the first session, while she was fixing my foot, she noticed a chronic shoulder injury that I've had for nearly twenty years and that no one has ever been able to do anything about, and decided to fix that too. She gave me a new explanation of why it had never healed properly, and told me how to fix it. It does now seem to be clearing up, but the postural changes she told me to make have already been worthwhile in themselves. I am more comfortable, and also feel more confident, as a result of them.

I could not recommend her more highly."

John Lawrence Aspden


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